Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to make plarn - Plastic Yarn.

Do you have a ton of these?  
There are all different thicknesses of plastic bags.  Get the ones that are a bit
more sturdy than most but not too thick. You can separate your colors or mix. 
If you need a lot of bags, I got mine by raiding the recycle bins at the grocery stores.

Here's how you fold and cut.

Straighten your bag out.  Try to flatten the bag to is original
form before it was used.  This will help with folding and cutting.

Fold in half long-ways.  Make sure all the edges and flat and meet
the other sides same edges.

Fold the bag in half again long-ways. 

Cut the end of your bag off.  Make sure the whole seam is cut
so that if you placed anything in the bag it would fall through.

Cut the top handles off so that all you have left is the middle
part of the bag that usually contains your items.

Cut your bag in 1-2" pieces.  The thinner the pieces the more
delicate your crocheted item.  I gut them in varying sizes just
for example.  I am using an N hook and have been cutting 2"
pieces for the sleeping mat project I am using plarn for.  Also
The thinner your piece the easier it will be for them to break
when linking the loops. 

 I like combining all my colors.  Makes for an interesting pattern
when crocheted.  20 bags will give you a nice size project
though for the mat I am making I will need a considerable

Now, getting linky with it.

Take two pieces of cut bag.  They will be loops after you cut
them.  You will be making a slip knot to link the loops. 

Like so.

Pull the link tight so that the knot is as flat as you can get it. 
Keep repeating the linking steps to get the length of plarn you


Don't forget to save your scraps in a bag and take them back
to the store for recycling.  Keep all bags out the landfill, even

Have a ball!

I have a yarn baller which has come in handy.  Be mindful though, the
knots in the links may get caught as you ball so be careful.  If you get
snagged on a knot you could stand the change of breaking your plarn 
or breaking your yarn baller. 

You can also ball up your plarn by hand if you don't have a yarn baller.


I am using a size N crochet hook crocheting in single-crochet. 

With the 2" strips I am cutting the plarn, it seems to be working well. 

Making this mat bigger than I originally planned.  This mat will be 3'W x 6'L. 
On average I will be making 2'-3'W x 6'L.

Have fun gettin' Knotty!

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